Sunday, February 7, 2021

Wanderlust 2021 - Week 1 with Kasia - Reflections

 Hello art friends!  No video today.  Just wanted to share a few of the art journal pages inspired by the classes from Wanderlust 2021.

I often watch and am inspired by so many others on YouTube and in online classes but due to a busy work schedule, don't have time to follow through and create a project.  I'm hoping that 2021 will be different.

Wanderlust 2021 is hosted at Everything Art and is a year long workshop with weekly video's to inspire and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try other styles.  As a result I have met a lot of resistance, but pushed through and I'm glad I did.  I like the results of the first few weeks.

The theme for the first 4 weeks is Reflection.

WEEK 1 - Kasia

In week 1 Kasia encouraged us to reflect on the kind of year we had in 2020.  I started my page by writing things I wanted to leave behind.  Journaling like this knowing it will be covered in the end is very cathartic.  

I found this pair of shoes in a magazine and immediately knew what I wanted to express for 2021.  There is a lot of uncertainty for the year and so many things that we can not control that are affecting our daily lives.  And I simple need to keep moving forward, 1 step at a time. being ready to pivot and adapt to whatever life throws at me!  Having already considered that there will be change prepares me mentally to cope with it in a better way than I may have in the past.  So hit me with your best shot 2021!  I'm ready!

Kasia challenged us to create our layout with a few specific techniques and mediums ... wildly scribbling, collaging, black paint and stencils and more.  She gives some great tips and encouraged us to make it ours instead of completing a layout that looks just like hers.  I love the suggestions because sometimes we just need inspiration on getting started.  So while I did not learn any new techniques, this layout would not have evolved like this without the technique and product challenges given by Kasia.  Sometimes it's easier when someone tells you what to used and what direction to go in versus staring at a blank page, not knowing where you want to begin.

I hope you find this journal entry inspiring.  I'm trying to catch up so you will receive more frequent post for a few weeks.  



Ephemera : from a magazine and other books

Stencils : The Crafter's Workshop 6x6 "Mini Raven", "Well Rounded", & "Mini Impressions"   Clear Scraps 6x6 " Chevron"

Paint : black acrylic, Master's Touch Purple acrylic, Posca White acrylic paint pen

Other : Gesso

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