Wednesday, May 22, 2013

KEEP CALM and .....

Hello friends.  Today The Cutting Cafe DT is creating with some "Keep Calm" digital / cutting files.  My card  was pretty simple, so I added a little lace to step it up a bit.  You can check out all the DT projects over on The Cutting Cafe blog HERE  LATER TODAY.  The file I used for my project is "Keep Calm and Have a Great Birthday" .  There is also a "Keep Calm" shaped card as well HERE .  And you can check out "Keep Calm and Reach for the Stars" HERE

I did change it up a bit.  If you check out the original file you will see that the "have a great birthday" sentiment is actually with in the borders of the image.  Here is a step by step of how I re-sized my images and created my little banner :

1. Open the Keep Calm jpeg file in paint.  

2.  Decrease the viewing size by clicking  "Image", "Resize/Skew", and decrease to 50%.  I did this so I could see the entire page on my screen.  It does not change the size of your images, just the way you view them.

3. Use the select tool (dotted box) to frame the individual image.  Drag the box as close as you can around the "keep calm and have a great birthday" image.  This will be helpful with re-sizing later.

4. Then click on the "Image" tab along the top and click on "crop".  This will eliminate all the other images and allow you to save just the one as an individual jpeg.  Save it.  It doesn't matter what size it is at this point.

5. Use the select tool (dotted box) again.  Drag the box as close as you can to the sentiment "have a great birthday", click on the "Image" tab along the top and click on "crop".  Save this image as well.

After you are done close out the program.  It will ask if you want to save, MAKE SURE select NO because you don't want to alter your original file.

Next I want to RE-SIZE AND PRINT my images.  I opened up a document (you can use Microsoft Works - that's what I have, or Word).

1.  Insert the images into a document.  I drag and drop mine.  The image will be HUGE in your document.

 2.  After I have all the images in the document I can play around and decide the sizes I want before printing.  You can drag a corner and decrease the size.  You can use the ruler along the top of your document as a guide, or to be more precise, select to format.  To re-size using format object : Right click on the image, click "format object", click "size" and then enter the measurements you want.  Mine was 3.53 x 3.  Remember that includes the area around the image as well.  Mine was cropped very close to the image.  The sentiment was 0.5 x 3.

3. Print.

Hope you enjoy all the inspiring projects the DT shares today!!


Regina Easter said...

what a sweet card.............hugs

Leslie said...

Adorable card!

Krista's Paper Cafe said...

Your card is soooo beautiful. I so like the colors and the simplicity. I like how you put on the "have a great birthday."
(I came over from Cutting Cafe)

kiwimeskreations said...

Love this Melisa - the slight alteration is a fabulous touch to personalise the card.

Sparkly Engineer said...

Really like how you used this file. The pink and white are so vintage feeling with the black and white sentiment - Love it!

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