Monday, February 14, 2011

Altered Paper Mache Heart Ornaments

Good Morning Papercrafters.  Today I am sharing 3 paper mache Valentine Ornaments I created.  I started with 3 pre-made paper mache heart ornaments from a local craft store.

This is the first time trying a project like this, so I think it will look much better the next time.  Since the ornaments were round, I needed to stamp on something that I would mold around the ornament.  So I used tissue paper.  The only problem was that I was determined I wanted the base color in beige, not white.  Well I didn't have beige tissue paper.  You would think I would have given up and just went with white ...  but no  .. .  that would have been too easy, teehee.  I decided I could color the tissue paper with ink, or paint.  And that's great, except he tissue paper color doesn't match my crackle paint color, so it doesn't blend well with the background. 

Now that I'm told you everything I don't like about it ...  let me tell you that the over all plan was a really good one that worked great and I will definitely try it again now that I have lived and learned!

Project Details

Stamps : The Love Chapter art stamp set by Nina Brackett for Layers of Color
Renaissance Hearts (marked down to $10.95), Royal Birds, and Regal Wings art stamp sets by Layers of Color. 
Paper Mache Ornaments pre-made, local craft store.

1. Coat each ornament with crackle paint and set aside to dry.
2. Stamp images on tissue paper ( I used pigment ink, Tsukineko VersaFine Onyx Black).
3. After the ink is dry, spread a few drops of water around the edge of the image.  The water allows you to tear the tissue paper easily.  Just make sure you don't get to close to the image and rip into it.  If you do get the water too close to the image, let it dry and start all over.  Better to do that, then tear into your image by accident.  When tearing, I keep 1 finger along the inside of edge of where I want to tear.  This also helps keep you from tearing to far in.  I like the torn look better than just cutting it with scissors.
4. After dry, use modge podge to apply image onto ornament, smoothing edges around curved area's.

At this point it's looking a little boring and definitely needs some red to spice it up.

5. Stamp bird, wings, hearts, and "L" onto beige cardstock with Momento Tuxedo Black and color with Copic marker.  Trim around the edges of each image and adhere to ornaments as shown. 
6.  Embellish with red rub-ons (I added the little swirly things).

The ornaments come with a gold cord coming out of the top.  I wanted red!
7. Tie red seam binding around gold cord at the top of the ornament.  Now pull the gold cord back and secure with a piece of tape/glue.  Ok there is probably a better way to do this, but I was in a hurry!  You could probably create a knot and then glue that to the top of the heart, and just cut the gold cord off.
8.  Embellish with little red roses (  I got mine at Michaels).

Thanks for stopping by!

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Justine said...

You are too funny talking about what you didn't like!! Actually glad you did, let's the rest of us know that what we go through in trial and error, we are NOT ALONE.!! These are actually so very clever and creative. Great Blog Candy. Sending big hugz

Sandy Ang said...

Can't believe this is the first time you paper mache. They look fantastic. As I don't put varnish on my nails, I'm definitely trying it.

JaniceAileen said...

Melisa, these are absolutely FABULOUS!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

MariLynn said...

Melisa, love your paper mache ornament. The crackle paint looks really great on that heart. You are always so creative. Have a blessed Valentine's Day.

lisa808 said...

Fab paper mache hearts!

Unknown said...

Wonderful paper mache! Looks good from the photos.

Chrisd said...

The projects are lovely. As a former preschool teacher, I have sure done my share of paper mache activities with the children.Valentine Hugs from Michigan to you!

Deborah345 said...

Love the heart ornaments - I haven't tired a paper mache project for years. I like that you used crackle paint for a more shabby look and feel. Guess I will have to give something like this a try real soon.

McStamper said...

I love your hearts. Great idea.

Lovely Linda said...

Wow Melisa - your ornaments are DIVINE! You are amazingly creative and always inspiring! Each ornament is a HUGE statement of LOVE from the heart! Your details are wonderful! Love it - thank you for sharing and the opportunity to win the YUMMMY Candy!! {{{hugs}}}

Grace said...

Hi Melisa! Oh my goodness how do you think of all these things? What a great idea! I love the new LOC stamps on these ornaments and love the red roses! I'm not sure I would have had the patience to change the gold cord to red though!!! Great job on them!!! I never get my nails done so I guess it's ok for me to try it! :)

Liz said...

I think your ornaments are really pretty as they are, but now after experiencing them once, you have a better idea of how to get to where you want. Thanks for sharing, thanks for offering the candy, and I hope you had a great Valentine's day !

Sabrina Jackson said...

Goodness, Melisa, these paper mache ornaments are GORGEOUS....over the top!!! I am blown away that this was your first try and they look absolutely perfect!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

kiwimeskreations said...

Melisa these are adorable - i am sure it was worth the fun and games and mess to see the results :-)

Ginny said...

gorgeous, thanks for joining us at FnF :)

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Wow I'm impressed!! Those turned out gorgeous!!! It's been many many years since I did paper mache but nothing like these. Great job!

Whimsical Wendy said...

I have got to try me some paper mache. Don't think I've done this since I was a kid and it sounds like a lot of fun ;-) Your project is lovely.

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