Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lots of great news!!

Good Morning Ladies.  I have several exciting things to share with you today.  
Layers of Color has a new release party happening October 11th!  I can not wait to show you some of the new product!!!
And here is a little sneak peak of one of my projects

 Layers of Color is adding a new Designer and she is fabulous!!  Woooowhooo!  I just love this girl and she is going to be such a blessing to our team!

Jennie Harper

And here is just one of her wonderful projects

This girl has madd skills!!  You can check out more of her fabulous designs in her newly opened gallery over at Layers of Color HERE.

Jennie's blog is :

And if you have never joined our group over at SNR, we would love to invite you.  This one of the most wonderful group of women I have ever been a part of.  Need prayers, well then this is where you want to be.  These ladies are prayer warriers and have been such a blessing to me.   Please join us ...

And if you are a member of the group, Laura will give you a discount on your first order!  Check it out!

And one last big announcement.  I'm so far behind on this one.  I was planning on creating a card first and then make the announcement, but haven't had a chance yet.  So without further ado ...

Laura, owner of Layers of Color is such a wonderfully giving person and testimony for God.  She has designed an entire line of digital images over at Squigglefly and all of her profit is going to charity!!  You can read more about Laura and the charity her profits go to HERE.

I have purchased a few and can't wait to design some cards with them!

As I finish up this post, the song "He Reigns" by the Newsboys is playing .  I love this song!  "It's all God's children singing Glory! Glory! Halleluja!  He reigns!".  And my soul is just filled with joy.  I am so very thankful that I am not alone.  That God has surrounded me, blessed me with so many other like minded Christian Sisters.  Who are singing and praising along with me today!  Alone my voice would be soooo small, but with my sisters our voices come together in unison and loudly proclaim the great news of how wonderful our Lord and Saviour is.  And this is a sweet sound to His ears.  Praise God! and have a blessed day!


Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Praise the Lord! I'm singing joyfully by your side, Melisa! It's such a tremendous blessing to have Jennie join our team! And I'm always so delighted with your beautiful art and giving heart! Gorgeous sneak peek!!

Sending you wishes for a lovely weekend!

Lovely Linda said...

Can you hear me singing too Melisa - what a blessing you are to LOC and me personally! I am so honoured to be working with you and this wonderful group of SISTAH's!! What a great post, there is so much happenign at LOC and how exciting to start the month with Jennie joining us - I love it!! God bless you my friend - keep on singing! {{{hugs}}}

Laurie said...

Melissa your post was amazing to read! You are such an inspiration! God bless you chick! ;)

Jennie said...

Such a warm welcome Melisa, thank you! Love your sneak peek...oh my this is going to be a great release!

Betty J Schaub said...

that butterfly is gorgeous!

MariLynn said...

Melisa, I'm joining in with the singing even though I don't have much of a voice with the sickness I've been through. I love that song. I like the colors you used on your butterfly, so pretty!

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