Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shabby Chic Valentine Letterbox

I was browsing in a local Antique store and found this beat up letter box.  It's probably not "antique".  Some of the stuff in our local Antique stores look like stuff people picked up at Garage Sales and put in their booth.  But I don't like to go to Garage Sales, so I was more than happy to pay $10 for this.  I love the little ornamental pieces on it.  So I decided to embellish it for Valentine's Day.  Crafty Secrets has the most wonderful Vintage images at wonderful prices.  HERE.  There are "Booklets", "Cuts", and "Cotton Scraps".
HERE is a list of all their "Love" products.  I used some of these images to embellish my box. 

I hope you were inspired to get busy crafting and not just cards, but something you can sit out in your home and share!  Your home is your canvas!
Have a great week!

You can view all of my VALENTINE projects HERE.


Stacy said...


Jenny said...

Acccckkk, could you make something ugly just once so I could feel better about my meager paper making skills. This is really pretty.

Lesley said...

Melisa, You are soooooo talented! It's beautiful!

Spardha said...

beautiful!!.. happy to be in team wid u!.. :D.. oh.. nd u misspelt my blog name.. :)

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