Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Altered Journal entry for July ...

I recently joined an "Altered Journal" Club at A Small Cleverness (rubber stamp store here in town). When considering doing this I of course googled and found all sorts of altered journals. It seemed to be a way an artist could express themselves with their art in a journal vs canvas or some other format. Well I am certainly no artist, but I love learning new techniques and trying new mediums and thought an altered journal would be a way for me to collect in one book different uses of techniques and mediums.
My daughter and I have taken a great interest in politics this year and I decided to do a patriotic theme to express our love for this country and what we believe in politically, while exploring different techniques and playing with different mediums along the way. I am learning alot by reading various books by mixed media artist and by taking classes at A Small Cleverness. My daughter and I have decided to join the club together (this makes it even more special) and will meet with other members monthly to discuss our entries for the month.

Entry 2 Page 1
Entry 1 Page 2

I wanted to experiment with transparency, so I worked with glazes and tissue paper for this entry. Page 1 : Photo copied music sheet for "The Star Spangled Banner". Painted over with a beige glaze. Stamped stars on white tissue paper, cut and glued over music paper. You can see the music paper through the tissue and glaze. I used tissue paper on page 2 to add texture. I applied with modge modge a little at a time, scrutching as I went. The tissue paper was too bright, so to make it look old and blend with page 1, I coated with same glaze. I like a collage look, but have never been very good at it, so this is about as close as I've every come.

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