Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gotta Start Somewhere!

I feel a little pressure with this first post. I guess the important part is to just get the darn thing out of the way, so I can make this official. I'm thinking no one will read this one anyway. hehe.

So as I said in my bio, I'm feeling inspired. I took 3 of Donna Downey's Classes at my LSS saturday and had the best time! She is sooooo funny and I highly recommend her classes if you ever get a chance to take them. My favorite was her "Work of Art" (altered canvas) Class she teaches. I had never done a canvas before, so now I'm thinking everyone is getting them for Christmas this year! She taught us a Gel Medium - transfer technique that was so cool! I HAVE to find it this week and get some! So if anyone out there finds it in town, when your out and about shopping at our local craft stores, let me know. "Golden (brand name) Gel Medium - regular gel matte.

Ok, so I have NEVER finished a project during a class. Anyone else have this issue? What's up with that? But, I almost finished my canvas's in the "Work of Art" Class. I was motivated. Donna was taking pictures with us if we finished. Mine was done enough to have my photo taken with Donna (she thinks I finished anyway, hehe). But it needs just a little more work in my opinion. So as soon as I finish, I'll post it.

Has anyone else taken any inspiring classes lately? Have you ever used this Gel Medium before. If you have an tips or know of any other uses besides using it a transfer medium, I love to here about it!

Wow that was easier than I thought! Whew! Done.


Melita said...

OMG! I'm the first commentor! Yes, I loved Donna's classes too. Great tips and techniques.

Dionne Marie Blodgett said...

DRAT Melita beat me!!! Great blog M2 - you are too cute. I had a blast with Donna Downey too. I emailed you a photo!

Come visit me at:

Shannon said...

Wow, sounds like I really missed out on a great time. I can't wait to see your canvas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melisa!

You're always so spunky and full of life that I look forward to reading your blogs.


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